Ideally, everyone will be able to develop and implement a Fulfillment Map just using the Fulfillment Mapping trainings, blog, community forum, and other resources that are or will be offered by Fulfillment Bound. We want minimize the barriers for anyone striving to clarify, pursue, and fulfill their unique potential, from the beginning and on an ongoing basis. However, we understand that some may want or need assistance with conducting or sticking to parts of the Fulfillment Mapping process.

Fulfillment Bound can help in your journey toward fulfillment. We can guide you through the processes of preparing, customizing, expanding, updating, managing, and/or implementing a Fulfillment Map specifically designed to help you fulfill your unique potential. Through the Fulfillment Mapping process, we can explore, develop, track, evaluate, and align your mission, vision, core values, focus areas, long-term goals, objectives, and activities. We can also work with you to identify and assess where you are in life and where you want to be, both initially and periodically.

Fulfillment Mapping is a collaborative process meant to comprehensively address all aspects of a person’s life, personal and professional. Fulfillment Mapping can also be used by families and couples. If you are interested in learning more about Fulfillment Bound’s personal, relationship, or family Fulfillment Coaching services, please contact us.

For those interested in organizational strategic planning services, please visit Fulfillment Bound’s organizations-focused counterpart, Prosper Sustainably. Prosper Sustainably offers strategic planning, program development, grant writing, legal, environmental, and other services to businesses, government entities, nonprofits, tribal communities, and other organizations.